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New releases

Coeurs (2006)
Bug (2006)
Uber-pretentious filmed play by director William Friedkin. Ashley Judd and uninteresting actor lose their minds on a motel room with dire consequences. Insufferably boring and pathetic. Grade: F

This is England (2007)
Compelling coming-of-age story of a young teenager trying to figure out what life’s all about amidst punks, Thatcherism, and misplaced emotions. Fine movie, although I can’t decide if I like the nod to Truffaut’s 400 Coups at the very end. Grade: B

Becoming Jane (2007)
This Jane Austen biopic is sub-standard Jane Austen, as if written by contemporary enthusiasts desperately trying to imitate her style. It has none of its charms, though, and seems like a hodgepodge of clichéd and uninspired British costume drama BBC reruns. Anne Hathaway is atrociously bad, to top things off. Grade: D

The Hoax (2007)
10m1.jpgIf you want to know about “the hoax of the century,” the story of Clifford Irving, a con man who wrote Howard Hughes’ “autobiography” entirely by himself and managed to fool the whole world for a while, better stick to Orson Welles’ F For Fake. This Richard Gere hollywoodization is entertaining but dull and tries a little bit too hard in trying to approximate Irving and Hughes’ personalities, with clichéd “madness” results. Grade: C+

Lucky You (2007)
10m.jpg Pretty solid and unpretentious movie, a soft updating of 1961’s The Hustler with none of its edge. Curtis Hanson is becoming a master at churning out solid but ultimately predictable films every couple of years (In Her Shoes was exactly the same). Eric Bana is inexpressive as ever, but Robert Duvall more than makes up for it. Also, Drew Barrymore’s in it, and there’s a new Bob Dylan song during the end credits. Grade: C+

The vault

F For Fake (1975)

Accident (1967)

The Ipcress File (1965)

Darling (1965)

Point Blank (1967)

Gregory’s Girl (1981)


Written by Joe

setembro 13, 2007 às 1:14 pm

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